Property Guys – Leading the Way in Private Real Estate

Property Guys – Leading the Way in Private Real Estate

When listing your house privately, it is wise to get as much exposure as possible. Many websites are online that help you sell your house privately. Listing your house on every website helps increase exposure and inquiries into your house. One of the top online for sale by owner real estate websites is Property Guys. Property Guys website address is

About Propery Guys

Property Guys was established in 1998 as a networking system for people selling their homes privately. Now only 10 years later they have grown to become North America’s largest private sale networking website.

The company started on the basic principle that selling your home privately is easy, rewarding and saves homeowners thousands of dollars in commission. Instead of dishing out thousands of dollars in commission to a real estate agent, Property Guys has equipped homeowners with the knowledge and tools required to sell successfully on their own. Far from an ordinary real estate company, Property Guys has opened the way for buyers and sellers to connect through the internet, forever changing the way the real estate business is done.

Why it Works

A large majority of buyers begin their property search online, on brokerage websites or on the MLS. Before Property Guys was started, people selling their homes privately had no way to market their property online, and buyers had no easy way of knowing who in their neighborhood was selling their home privately. Property has now filled this void, providing both buyers and sellers with access to private real estate listings and services online.

How They Help Buyers

The large majority of house hunters already have a pretty good idea of what they are looking for. They have established a list of their must haves, and have calculated the maximum amount they are willing to spend. Property Guys allows these buyers to connect directly with sellers – enabling them to avoid the real estate middle man. Haven’t yet found a house that matches your criteria? Property Guys allows you to sign up for email notification that instantly notifies you with new listings that match your specific needs, saving you time and frustration.

How They Help Sellers

Property Guys gives Sellers all the necessary information and tools to have a successfully sale. From marketing your home, to advice about dealing with negotiations, Property Guys’ goal is to help you be successful. With various flat fee marketing packages sellers are given the flexibility to choose a package that suits their needs and budget perfectly.

Marketing Packages

Two different categories of marketing packages are offered; Self Service Packages and Full Service Packages. The Self Service Package gives sellers the ultimate control in creating and maintaining their personal listing. It is designed for the homeowner who knows what they want, and how to do it. The Full Service Packages include a private sale consultation with a Property Guys professional that helps you plan for each step of the private sale process.

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